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The Current Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper: February 2023

Current Distribution Statistics: The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper is downloaded and/or read in 34,533 identified Centers and 47,221 unidentified Centers (January 2023 Stats).




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Some of the Stories and Articles in This Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper

Page 01: US Says Cina Balloon Could Collect Intelligence Signals.
Page 03: The Truth About The Mandela Effect.
Page 08: Spotted A UFO? There’s An App For That.
Page 10: Alien Hoaxes.
Page 14: UFO Mania Is Out Of Control.
Page 21: They’re Balloons Dammit - Not Alien UFOs!
Page 26: Chinese Spy Balloons Over U.S. And Canada.
Page 29: Why We Shouldn’t Believe In The Supernatural
Page 30: A Word About Those UFO Videos.
Page 32: What Is Multiple Sclerosis - MS?
Page 35: Mystery Ships Or Phantom Airships.
Page 39: The 2023 Chinese Spy Balloon And Timeline.
Page 40: What To Know About the Chinese Spy Balloon.
Page 43: Why Did China Use A Balloon To Spy?
Page 44: Chinese Spy Balloons Near Texas And Florida.
Page 48: Ghost Rockets.
Page 50: The Chinese Balloon And The Disappointing Reality Of UFOs.
Page 53: Could The China ‘Spy’ Balloon Be Linked To Montana’s Nuclear Missile Sites?
Page 56: Previous Chinese Spy Balloons Over US Were Classified As UFOs: Report.
Page 57: Chinese Balloon Part Of Vast Aerial Surveillance Program, U.S. Says.
Page 60: ‘Strange things out there’: Inside Lake Ontario’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’
Page 66: When A Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Flew Over Canada, Why Didn't We Shoot It Down?
Page 68: The ‘X’ Zone’s Notable Deaths Of 2022.
Page 69: Ancestors of Coffee and Potatoes Survived Cataclysm That Killed the Dinosaurs.
Page 71: A Look At The Sneaky Fees At Canada's Biggest Tourist Spot That Some Call 'A Total Cash Grab'.
Page 73: Scientist Says Most Bigfoot Sightings Boil Down To This Simple Explanation.
Page 74: Sasquatch Sighting Increase In Thunder Bay Region of Ontario, Canada.
Page 76: Which Province Reportedly Had The Most UFO Sightings In 2022.
Page 77: How A Hoax by Two Sisters Helped Spark The Spiritualism Craze.
Page 79: Inside The Secret Sting Operations To Expose Celebrity Psychic.
Page 81: The Concept of Spirit: Myth or Science?
Page 90: Surprising Things About American Ginseng.